We want international talent for Europe

We as European employers pledge to


Foster fair conditions and welcome culture for all

Welcome migrant workers in our businesses, by including them in our companies' diversity targets, creating visibility for international talent and supporting integration and language programmes. Provide equal opportunities and rights for all employees within our company, including equal wages, rights, and working conditions.


Support in relocation and integration

Provide guidance and support in navigating through the immigration services, housing, registration, taxation, banking and other bureaucratic hurdles. For remote teams, ensure international talent can benefit from remote culture by allowing them to work from their preferable location, while adhering to European and international standards.


Advocate for political action

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Raise awareness with policy makers and the wider public for the urgent need to hire international talent and develop a European talent immigration system.

We demand political action, such as

Create an open ecosystem in the EU

Allow talent to flow freely across borders by enhancing mobility within the EU and set up EU guidelines for hiring talent remotely in a fair and efficient manner respecting EU standards on salaries, taxes and individuals' rights.


Enable talent mobility from abroad to Europe  

Ease international hiring by streamlining application procedures, overcoming unnecessary bureaucracy, allowing for flexibility when recognising work experience and qualifications, and increasing transparency and flexibility on salary thresholds. Retain existing talent by facilitating an easy switch of employers and develop a European permanent resident status that counts years of residence across the EU towards a potential long-term permit.


Develop new avenues for labour migration

Allow international entrepreneurs to thrive by creating schemes for freelancers, start-ups and self-employed and build an EU Talent Pool which would widen the scope of talent available and serve as a one-stop show for international talent, EU companies and national administrations.

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